28 September 2023

Aparthotel Adagio Rome Vatican – Where, lodging and services

An aparthotel adagio is a type of accommodation that allows travelers to enjoy the comfort and convenience of a hotel, but with the flexibility and […]
27 September 2023

Hotels near the Rome Fiumicino Airport

searching for hotels near fiumicino airport? you’ve come to the right place. here you can find a selection of hotels with special offers, located close […]
27 September 2023

The secret rome of the film la grande bellezza by costantino orazio

The secret rome is one of the most enchanting locations of the film la grande bellezza by costantino orazio, which won the oscar for best […]
26 September 2023

Explore the fascinating baths of diocletian and octagonal hall in rome

The baths of diocletian and octagonal hall in rome are a fascinating glimpse into the history of ancient rome. Once a grand public bath complex […]
26 September 2023

How to get to rome: the ultimate guide to arriving in italy’s capital

are you planning a trip to rome, italy but unsure of and navigate the city once you arrive? look no further, as this guide provides […]
25 September 2023

Original and special restaurants in Rome – Complete Guide

are you tired of the same old restaurants in rome? are you looking for something unique and unusual to spice up your dining experience? look […]
24 September 2023

The speaking statues of rome: a guide to pasquino

Have you ever heard of rome’s famous speaking statues? Perhaps you have, during a trip to the eternal city. But did you know that these […]
24 September 2023

Discover the ancient roman aqueducts at rome’s park of the aqueducts

the park of the aqueducts in rome (parco degli acquedotti) is one of the city’s most underrated green getaways. enclosed between via appia and via […]
23 September 2023

Hotels near the Rome airport – What, where and how to Choose

Choosing the best hotel near rome airport can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the available options. In this guide, […]
22 September 2023

The main emergency numbers to know and always have at hand

Knowing which numbers to call in case of emergency is essential to ensure your own safety and that of others. In rome, like in any […]
22 September 2023

The top 9 cocktail bars in rome: a guide for the perfect night out

Looking for the perfect night out in rome? Look no further than this guide to the top 9 cocktail bars in the city. From the […]
21 September 2023

Baglioni hotel regina Rome – Amenities, location and room

the baglioni hotel regina rome is an elegant, five-star boutique hotel located in the heart of rome. it offers luxurious accommodation and amenities, including a […]
21 September 2023

Sheraton parco de medici Rome hotel – Location, amenities and room

The sheraton parco de’ medici rome hotel is an iconic hotel located in the heart of rome, italy. This luxurious hotel offers stunning views of […]
20 September 2023

Common misconceptions about Rome: How to avoid them during your stay in the capital

Rome is a wonderful city, full of history, art, culture, and traditions. However, like any other tourist destination, there are some common misconceptions about rome […]
20 September 2023

Exploring the cosmatesque style of rome: a guide to the geometric decorative

are you fascinated by the intricate designs and patterns of geometric decorative inlay stonework? if so, you’ll want to learn more about the cosmatesque style, […]