15 January 2024

Discover the most beautiful roof gardens in rome for a memorable dining experience in 2023

Are you planning a visit to rome and looking for a unique dining experience? Look no further than the city’ s beautiful roof gardens. From […]
12 January 2024

Hotel near the Spanish Steps in Rome – Guide

when planning a trip to rome, choosing the right hotel can make or break your experience. the city is filled with beautiful and historic landmarks, […]
12 January 2024

Discover the charm of Rome’s underground: a comprehensive guide

discovering the charm of rome’s underground is a unique experience for those who love history, archaeology, and art. rome is a city rich in history, […]
12 January 2024

Exploring the fascinating history of rome’s former macro testaccio slaughterhouse

the former macro testaccio slaughterhouse in rome, also known as the mattatoio, is a fascinating historical and architectural site that offers a unique glimpse into […]
11 January 2024

Guide to navigating Rome – Public transportation and more

rome is a beautiful and historic city with much to see and explore. however, navigating the city can be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. this […]
11 January 2024

Hotel near Pantheon in Rome – Complete Guide

If you are looking for a hotel near the pantheon in rome, you have come to the right place. In this complete guide, we will […]
10 January 2024

Historic cafes in rome – tips and recommendations

Coffee is a beloved italian tradition, a pleasure, a habit and a way to socialize. In every corner of rome, there are cafes and bars, […]
9 January 2024

Mystical rome: a guide to the esoteric sights and experiences of the eternal

The eternal city hides many secrets and legends that tell of a magical and mysterious city. In this article, we will discover some of rome’ […]
9 January 2024

Explore the origins of ancient rome at the forum antiquarium museum

welcome to the guide to the forum antiquarium, a new museum located near the colosseum in rome that displays the origins of ancient rome. the […]
8 January 2024

Discover the best time to visit rome with our 12 month climate guide

Discovering the best time to visit rome can be a tricky task due to the city’ s mediterranean climate. With cool winters and warm and […]
8 January 2024

Rome Cavalieri a waldorf astoria Hotel guide

the rome cavalieri, a waldorf astoria hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located in the monte mario area of rome, italy. it offers stunning views […]
7 January 2024

River palace hotel in rome – Service, accommodation and more

are you looking for a luxurious and elegant hotel in the heart of rome? look no further than river palace hotel. located just steps away […]
7 January 2024

Discover the curiosities and secrets of Rome with our exclusive tips

rome is a city rich in history, culture and curiosities. famous all over the world for its ancient monuments, such as the colosseum and the […]
6 January 2024

Discover the roman heritage of porta san sebastiano and the museum of the walls

Are you interested in exploring the rich history of ancient rome? Look no further than porta san sebastiano and the museum of the walls. Nestled […]
6 January 2024

Discover the fascinating history of rome’s nasoni drinking fountains

rome is a city steeped in history and tradition, and nowhere is this more evident than in the city’s drinking fountains, known as nasoni. these […]