28 March 2023

Mystical rome: a guide to the esoteric sights and experiences of the eternal

The eternal city hides many secrets and legends that tell of a magical and mysterious city. In this article, we will discover some of rome’ […]
28 March 2023

Explore the origins of ancient rome at the forum antiquarium museum

welcome to the guide to the forum antiquarium, a new museum located near the colosseum in rome that displays the origins of ancient rome. the […]
26 March 2023

Discover the curiosities and secrets of Rome with our exclusive tips

rome is a city rich in history, culture and curiosities. famous all over the world for its ancient monuments, such as the colosseum and the […]
25 March 2023

Discover the roman heritage of porta san sebastiano and the museum of the walls

Are you interested in exploring the rich history of ancient rome? Look no further than porta san sebastiano and the museum of the walls. Nestled […]
23 March 2023

Explore the hidden vinegar maker’s arch in rome’s historic centre

explore one of rome’s hidden gems, the arch of the acetari, also known as the vinegar maker’s arch. located in the heart of the city’s […]
21 March 2023

Guide to hidden treasure hunting in rome: discover the secrets of the eternal city

rome, the eternal city, contains an incredible amount of hidden treasures and historical secrets. among its streets and squares, you can find hidden fountains, secret […]
19 March 2023

The secret rome of the film la grande bellezza by costantino orazio

The secret rome is one of the most enchanting locations of the film la grande bellezza by costantino orazio, which won the oscar for best […]
19 March 2023

Explore the fascinating baths of diocletian and octagonal hall in rome

The baths of diocletian and octagonal hall in rome are a fascinating glimpse into the history of ancient rome. Once a grand public bath complex […]
17 March 2023

The speaking statues of rome: a guide to pasquino

Have you ever heard of rome’s famous speaking statues? Perhaps you have, during a trip to the eternal city. But did you know that these […]
17 March 2023

Discover the ancient roman aqueducts at rome’s park of the aqueducts

the park of the aqueducts in rome (parco degli acquedotti) is one of the city’s most underrated green getaways. enclosed between via appia and via […]
7 March 2023

Explore the art nouveau beauty of galleria sciarra in the heart of rome

welcome to the hidden gem of rome, galleria sciarra. this stunning art nouveau palace, located in the heart of the city, offers visitors a glimpse […]
5 March 2023

Discovering the fountains of Pietro Lombardi in Rome

when thinking of rome, one might imagine ancient ruins, delicious pasta, and charming cobblestone streets. but did you know that the city is also home […]
4 March 2023

Best places to go shopping in Rome

If you’re looking for the best places to go shopping in rome, you’re in the right place! Rome is a city full of history, art, […]
3 March 2023

Exploring the Capitoline Museums of Rome – A Comprehensive Guide

Are you planning a trip to Rome and wondering if the Capitoline Museums are worth visiting? Look no further as this comprehensive guide will provide […]
3 March 2023

Discover the fascinating history of centrale montemartini

Centrale montemartini is a unique museum experience that combines industrial archaeology and roman art. Located in rome’ s ostiense neighborhood the museum was once a […]