Rental Agreement

Mr. Andrea Raffaele, hereafter referred to as Landlord, Tax Code RFFNDR91D17I854V, Tel +393405504813, email,

Detail for Tourist Lease

See lessee details on the reservation made through Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) or directly through the website or Email


the property located at via San Telesforo n. 15, for a number of beds specified in the reservation, up to a maximum of 4, 1 bathroom, and furnished with the furniture, kitchen table, and appliances shown in the advertisement photos.

The lease will be governed by the following agreements:

  • The contract is entered into and accepted electronically for the duration of the days indicated in the reservation.
  • Check-in. The availability of the accommodation is granted simultaneously with the delivery of the keys starting from the day indicated in the reservation.
  • Check out. The guest must vacate the premises by 11:00 am on the scheduled departure date indicated in the reservation, without the need for notice.
  • Payment: If it has not already been made in advance, at the moment the tenant presents themselves to pick up the keys to the property, they will simultaneously pay the amount in euros specified in the booking for the holiday rental of the unit
  • No Show: In the event that the tenant fails to show up to pick up the keys and commence the holiday rental, they agree without delay to the total withdrawal as a penalty of the euro amount indicated in the booking. In case the card were to be blocked or lacking credit, the tenant will have 2 calendar days to make the full payment of the reservation using the methods provided by the landlord in order to avoid forced withdrawal or legal seizure of the amount. This amount will be charged to the credit card provided as a guarantee at the time of booking. If the payment for the holiday rental has already been made in advance, the same amount will be retained as a penalty.
  • The property must be used exclusively for tourist purposes, and the guestmust host the number of people indicated in the reservation.
  • The guest cannot sublet or loan the property, in whole or in part, under penalty of the automatic termination of the contract.
  • The guest must notify the owner or their representative of any defects in the property and furniture within forty-eight hours of receiving the keys.
  • The expenses related to the provision of services, such as electricity, water, gas, and condominium expenses, are the responsibility of the landlord.
  • The accommodation is delivered clean, with bed linen and towels, and furnished with a digital Wi-Fi connection.
  • In order to comply with the general obligations of mutual correctness and transparency and those specific to the registration and communication to the Police Headquarters of the personal data of the occupants provided for by Art. 109 T.U.L.P.S., the guest must present suitable identification documents to stay in the accommodation before allowing them access to the structure.
  • The use of the accommodation is governed by the applicable rules that regulate lease matters, except for the derogable provisions of this agreement, which are supplemented by the Accommodation Usage Regulations posted inside the accommodation.
  • Termination. Considering the peculiarity and brevity of the use of the accommodation, if the guest no longer needs to use the accommodation for the agreed-upon period, in whole or in part, they cannot request a reduction, even partial, of the rent agreed upon in the reservation. The landlord, if they are no longer able to make the accommodation available for the entire or part of the agreed-upon period, must offer the guest a suitable alternative.
  • The conscious tenant, aware of the prejudice that could cause to the landlord and any subsequent tenants arriving in case of delayed release of the accommodation at the time of check-out or any damages caused to the apartment, commits to compensate any such damages caused to the landlord, who may request reimbursement for any additional damages incurred. The potential amount of damages caused will be communicated by the landlord to the tenant. The tenant will have 2 calendar days to make the payment using the provided forms from the landlord, in order to avoid forced withdrawal or legal attachment of the damage amount

The present agreement is governed by Italian law, and in case of any dispute, the competent jurisdiction shall be, after attempting mandatory mediation, the court of Rome.

As provided by Article 1335 of the Civil Code, the contract, proposal, acceptance, or any other communication directed to the lessee via Whatsapp, SMS, or email shall be deemed known at the moment they have been received and valid from 5 days prior to the lessee’s check-in date.